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How to recover deleted emails from various Email Clients

Sometimes, we delete messages when we find it useless or sometimes we accidently delete it without any intention. If you have accidently deleted your messages then first you should check your ‘Deleted folder’ whatever is your email client either you are using desktop program like Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail etc or you are using Gmail, Yahoo, hotmail etc. As we all know that when we delete any mail then it saves in to program's internal trash or Recycle Bin. From where you can easily retrieve any accidentally deleted items simply moving them back to your inbox. 

But always there is one another condition if you are also emptied your Deleted folder(s). In this case, you may also retrieve your messages. All these steps depend on your email client which you are using. 

Let’s move one by one:

Recover Deleted mail in Gmail 

One of the finest way to recover deleted mails is to restore your deleted message from updated backup. You can also create backup of your Gmail mails. You cannot recover deleted message if   

  • It is deleted from the Gmail trash 
  • 30 days have been passed since the deletion

First Sign in your Gmail account

Now click on trash on the left sidebar. Here is full picture of deleted mails: 

Now, restore your emails by selecting them and accordingly click on move button to move the emails to the inbox. 

In Gmail, you cannot recover permanently deleted messages. 

Recover Deleted mail in Yahoo

If you accidentally deleted your email from your yahoo accounts then you can recover it by moving emails in your Trash folder to your Inbox or other folders. 

Recovering emails from your Trash folder

1. Click Trash from left hand list
2. Select messages that you want to recover.
3. Click Move.
4. Click the folder to move the messages to.

If you also emptied your Trash folder then it gets permanently deleted from the Yahoo Mail server. For more information please check the help article

Recover Deleted mail in Hotmail 

First sign-in your Hotmail Account. 
Click on "Go to inbox" under "Hotmail highlights"
Click on Deleted Folder on the left sidebar
Now drag them into another folder
Now click on ‘recover deleted messages’ on the bottom of the screen.
This will help you to recover non-permanently deleted emails. 
In Hotmail, you can recover permanently deleted mails. 
Check the bottom line of this picture:

When you click on this link it sends a command to Hotmail to recover as many deleted emails as possible. But there is no guarantee that your mails would be recover or not.  

Recover Deleted mail in Outlook

In the top of the Outlook window, click on Tools & then click on ‘Recover deleted items’

Now you will see this Recovery window & it will display all the deleted emails that can be recovered. Now click on the mails that you want to recover:  

and click the “Recover Selected Items” button 

All the deleted mails will come back into the original folder that you deleted them from.  

Recover Deleted mail in Outlook Express

First Open Outlook Express & then click on Tools menu on the top of the window

Then Click on Options

After that Click on Maintenance.

Click on Store Folder. From the help of this step, you can give the location of where your files will get store  

Now Close Outlook Express. 
Now open Recycle Bin  
In the side menu options: “Restore most recent sent items (.bak files)”. 
Now Close the Recycle Bin. 
Right-click on the Start button and then select “Explore”. 
Find the folder that you gave in Store Folder option.   
Now open the folder that has all your deleted files.
Click Tools>> Folder Options>>select View. 
Now enable the “Display hidden and system files”. 
Uncheck the mark on “Hide extensions of known file types”. 
Now you can see Folders.dbx file and the Folders.bak. file.
Rename these file & Open Outlook Express. 
Now you will see that all messages will get restored.

Recover Deleted Email Messages from a Mac Mail

First Open the Apple Mail 
Now click on "Trash" tab in the Apple mail source pane. Alternatively, click on trash folder.
On the top of the screen select "View" on the Apple mail source pane
And then click on "Show Deleted Messages" from the drop-down menu. This option will show you all erased messages in your Trash folder.
Now select the message that you want to remove from the deleted messages folder
Now Click "Messages" on Apple mail source pane then Click "Undelete" on the drop-down menu to restore the email back to the Apple mail Inbox folder.
Congratulations you have successfully restore your all deleted mails!!

There all are different methods to recover deleted emails from different email clients. You can also use email data recovery software to recover your deleted mails. This option is also useful when you are unable to recover your deleted mails from all above options. 

Hope the article will help you to successfully recover your deleted mails!!

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