Thursday, 29 August 2013

How to Migrate from Microsoft Outlook to Google Apps

Google provides a free migration tool to migrate your data from Microsoft Outlook to Google Apps. You can migrate your mails, contacts, calendar events from PST files to Google Apps in few simple steps. This migration tool is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 etc.  

With the help of this process, you can secure your outlook data by saving it on Google’s secure servers; if any problem occurs in your PC then in this case your data is safe. Even you or your friends can access your data anytime from anywhere. 

To start migration, install Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook from the following link:

Note: You should install this tool on your system where you are running MS Outlook & also make sure that Outlook should not be running.

After clicking on above link, you will see this window:

Click on ‘Download Migration Tool’ button. Now you can see in the bottom picture that migration process is get started. If you want to pause the migration, you can do it by clicking ‘Pause Migration’ button. 

 After that click on download exe & then click on run.

Now it will show the downloading process of migration tool.


After starting Google Apps, it will prompt a sign in window of Google Apps account. Enter you maid id & password & then click to continue to process next step.

Now it will prompt to select user profile. From here select Outlook profile option which I marked with red color in below picture. In this option, if your existing profile is already listed, it will show the profile name option to choose profile. When you will select your profile then Migration tool will take the profile snapshot and import that data. Or if you want to choose PST File(s) then you can easily browse to the file on your computer.

After that select the data that you want to migrate. It means if you want to migrate all Outlook data (mail, contacts, and calendar events) then select ‘Migrate all data’ option otherwise go for ‘Migrate only new data’ then click on next button. 

Now you will see below window. From here, you need to set migration setting. Select the data that you want to migrate & also set the date whether you want to import your mails before or after a particular date. 

Google Migration tool does not support migration of Notes, journal entries, and tasks. After select all required option, click on “Migrate” button to start migration process. 


Once you start the migration, you will see below picture. It will show you the migration status.  You can see in below picture that. Contacts are imported first, after that calendar data, and then email.  You can easily monitor your migration process from the below picture. You can also check Migration log file to see the status of your migration. If any error occurs then you can check it easily by clicking log file link.


When the migration gets finished, it will show you the message of “Migration Completed” which you can clearly check in below picture.

You can also use this migration tool for Exchange server & lotus notes. 

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